Here at Canine Design, we are pretty relaxed, but do have some things we ask of you to keep things running smoothly and time efficient, benefitting everyone.


The normal routine is drop off between 7:30 and 9:00 am, unless a different time is discussed.

We ask that you walk your dog in the grass by the parking lot before entering. It helps lessen your dog's potential anxiety, making him more relaxed. Most people report their dog DID have to go, much to their surprise.  In the yard at home, they don't necessarily do all their "business", and I end up using valuable time mopping in the playpen and rebathing dogs who've pottied all over themselves in a crate. This is extremely time consuming. I understand accidents happen, but this helps to avoid them, allowing me to use my time getting your dogs finished! This simple and sensible courtesy is MUCH appreciated! 

When a pick up time is set up, PLEASE don't "pop in" early, because you're dog may still be on the table, possibly trying to jump off, or getting too wound up from seeing you, I won't be able to finish him/her. The "early" drop in is a disruptive setback in  providing a timely finish. Sometimes your dog IS finished early! Please call from your cell phone before coming in. Thank you! 

We appreciate those who respect us enough to cancel an appointment they cannot make. 

OK... that's all my "rules".... let's get to the fun part!